Activated Clinoptilolite Capsules 220

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Information about Activated Clinoptilolite Capsules 220

(220 capsules per jar)

NZeolite capsules are a convenient way to detoxify. The recommended dosage for a mild detox is 3-4 capsules 2x daily, providing you with 4.5 - 6g pure activated Zeolite powder daily in vegetable capsules. Contains 28 – 36 servings.

  • 100% pure activated Zeolite (88-95% Clinoptilolite)
  • 700mg Zeolite per capsule
  • Vegetable capsules contain 100% natural and pure micronised Zeolite powder
  • No additives, no fillers no nano particles
  • Specially selected to guarantee a superior quality mineral powder
  • Sourced in Turkey
  • Particle Size: about 70-80 micron

NZeolite is nature’s most potent mineral detoxification aid with a unique crystallised structure that can bind, trap and remove toxins from the body.

NZeolite is a natural mineral complex with a high amount of silica and 71 other minerals and trace elements that may assist in restoring the body’s pH balance, support the immune system, cleanse and detoxify the digestion tract, and assist healthy bowel function.

NZeolite powders can be used in many different ways, including cleansing facial masks, poultices and “mud baths”. Please click here for further info about the different uses of NZeolite.

Warning: If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, have a medical condition, or notice unusual effects, consult your health professional and/or discontinue use. Please refer to our Disclaimer.

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