NZeo Mask

NZeo Mask - Skin Purification & Rejuvenation Mask

Our NZeo Mask is blended to cleanse, rejuvenate and nourish your skin.

Retreat with a refreshing NZeo Mask to enjoy its astringent and deeply cleansing properties that can promote removal of dead skin cells, impurities and toxins.

NZeo Mask rejuvenates your skin to a healthy glow, leaving it feeling clean, clear, smooth and soft. The selected ingredients are high in nutrients and beneficial minerals; exfoliate, purify, reduce irritation and support natural healing of damaged skin cells and can help smoothing lines and scars. Nourishment of skin can be noticed by an increase of circulation for a short while after treatment.

Suitable for dry and mature skin, balancing for normal to oily skin types, refreshing for tired skin. For very sensitive skin patch test first or try our NZeolite Bentonite clay as skin application.  The clay paste can also be used as soap, shaving paste and body scrub.

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