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Welcome to NZeolite, New Zealand’s specialist in Zeolite and Bentonite products for your detoxification, health and well-being.

NZeolite's new Activated Zeolite Cinoptilolite is especially powerful for safely removing heavy metals, toxins and undesirable organic compounds.

Activation enlarges the surface area of the Zeolite molecule, giving a greater therapeutic benefit to each product.

Activated Zeolite is not absorbed into the bloodstream, but does its work electrostatically from the intestinal wall before being expelled in the usual way, so it is a very safe supplement to take.

If you want to know more about new Zeolite and its many uses and benefits, browse through this website where you find much more information.

Below you find an overview over the range of NZeolite products available. Simply click on the product images to get further information about specific products.

Zeolite Powders


Detoxify and supplement yourself or your entire family with our economical 500g packs.

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Zeolite Capsules

zeolite clinoptiloliteA convenient way to detoxify. Activated Zeolite powder daily in vegetable capsules

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Bentonite Powder

bentonitePharmaceutical grade natural healing powder suitable as a detox aid for the whole family.

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ClinoMont Optima

clinomontSpecially formulated mineral and herbal powder blend for optimal liver and bowel support.

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ClinoMont Capsules

zeolite clinoptilolitePrefer to take capsules rather than powder mixed with water? Well, you can!

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Clinopatra Bath

zeolite clinoptiloliteA detox for your skin coming soon! See it at the Green Living Show,  July 2nd & 3rd Auckland Showgrounds!

NZeo Facial Mask

zeo mask

Cleanse, rejuvenate & nourish your skin with a refreshing NZeo Mask.
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Recommended Naturopath

For more information on detoxing and our Zeolite products we suggest you visit the Tina Pritchard website.

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