Here you find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about our NZeolite range of products.

Powdered Zeolite vs. Liquid Zeolite – Which one is better?

We are passionate about our products and desire to sell quality Zeolite that actually works and has been proven safe to use. To our knowledge, all research done so far on the potential and benefits of Zeolite has used Zeolite powder.

Liquid Zeolite containing nano-particles can potentially enter the bloodstream, and with it bound toxins and impurities might enter the blood or the body's cells. Our Zeolite powder is micronised to a specific size that perfectly matches and cleanses the cavities of the intestinal tract but is not absorbed into the blood itself. Deep detoxification processes draw toxins from the body into the digestive tract where they are adsorbed and eliminated together with the Zeolite powder. Powdered Zeolite and the trapped particles leave the body within 5-8 hours via natural bowel motion.

Furthermore, liquid Zeolite provides only tiny amounts of Zeolite, a serving size usually contains 1/30  of what you get from 1 NZeolite capsule. Often a daily dosage of 5-15g of Zeolite is recommended if it is used as a mineral supplement and detoxifier. Therefore, we offer you Zeolite powder instead of liquid; and for those who do not like to take powder stirred in water, we offer our convenient NZeolite capsules.

Do Zeolite and Bentonite contain Aluminum? Isn’t this dangerous?

No, neither Zeolite nor Bentonite contain Aluminum. However, they contain Alumina / Aluminum Trioxide which is harmless and safe in contrast to Aluminum.

Furthermore, the Alumina cannot be metabolised by the body since it is the stable part of the Zeolite cluster and additionally the entire Zeolite molecule is eventually eliminated. Particularly Bentonite has been consumed by humans for thousands of years and along with Zeolite it has only relatively recently been "rediscovered" as one of nature's most potent mineral detoxifiers.

On the opposite, Zeolite has the ability to bind and remove Aluminum from the body along with many other toxins and heavy metals.

Where is your Zeolite sourced and what makes it “superior quality”?

Our Zeolite is sourced in Turkey. It is "superior quality" since it is mined, selected, tested and processed specifically for human consumption and for the use as a mineral supplement and detoxifier. This means it has a very high content of Clinoptilolite (88-95%) and contains only small amounts of other components such as Montmorillonite (Bentonite), Feldspars and Cristobalite. Clinoptilolite is one kind of the Zeolite family that is fine for internal use / human consumption.

Our Bentonite clay is a pharma-grade powder from Australia, approved by Food Standards Association - Australia & New Zealand, which is an internationally acknowledged quality standard for medicinal substances. Like the Zeolite we offer, it has been specifically chosen and processed for human consumption and for its powerful healing and detoxification properties.

What is “micronised” Zeolite powder?

Unfortunately, there are companies that claim to sell Zeolite containing nano particles. We consider this as potentially unhealthy and undesirable due to lack of longterm research on the impact of nano particles on the body's cells.

Our Zeolite is “micronised” or ground to particle sizes of <80 microns. These particles are larger than nano size and thus there is no risk that they can enter the blood stream. Furthermore, the size of <80 microns is desirable since it allows the Zeolite particles to fit into the folds of the intestines and to do their beneficial work of binding toxins and cleansing the digestive tract.

Why do you not offer Zeolite sourced in NZ?

We provide a Zeolite called ‘Clinoptilolite’ which is suitable for ingestion and safe for internal use. Unfortunately, currently it is neither possible to get Zeolite in New Zealand that contains a high amount of Clinoptilolite nor is the local Zeolite specifically sourced, selected nor processed for human consumption. New Zealand’s Zeolite is called ‘Mordenite’ which crystallizes differently and forms sharp crystal edges that make it unsuitable for human consumption; it is used commercially for water treatment etc.

Since we only want to use a very specific Zeolite with a high Clinoptilolite content, safe for internal use, we source our Zeolite from a mine in Turkey where it is processed in controlled facilities particularly used for food grade Zeolite.
NZeolite's Zeolite is food grade standard and specifically selected to provide you with only the best quality with an optimal composition that makes it suitable to be used safely as a mineral supplement and detoxifier.

However, our team here at NZeolite shares the same values regarding the use of local products as you probably do. In order to keep the carbon footprint and the consumer’s cost as low as possible, we use the local powder for our external applications in the Clinopatra Bath and NZeo Mask. These are not made for ingestion but support safe skin and body detox. Additionally they help reducing chemicals from water treatment in your bath, such as chlorine and fluoride. 

How do I take NZeolite powders or capsules?

For best results take 1 level teaspoon of the powder or 3-4 capsules twice daily, at least 1 hour away from food or supplements. Consult your health practitioner for advice if you take prescribed medication.

Stir the powder into water or take the capsules with water and drink plenty of pure water throughout the day to help flushing and cleansing the body.

Water with a low mineral content is more suitable to remove impurities and waste substances than mineral rich water.

Good times to take Zeolite are the morning and evening to support the body’s rhythm on the peak of its elimination phase.

Additionally high-fibre foods such as fruits (esp. apples), vegetables (esp. green leafy vegetables) and green juices (esp. wheatgrass juice) complement the detox process.

Bentonite – healing clay

The use of the term ‘healing clay’ refers to the traditional use of certain clays such as Montmorillonite/Bentonite in many cultures. We do not use the term ‘healing clay’ as a claim for a cure, treatment or prevention of any disease or condition. Please consult your professional health practitioner for your health needs prior to any treatment.

If you have further questions, please let us know. We are always happy to help and answer all your questions.

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“Your Zeolite does amazing things for me, it works on my gums which are much healthier and the pain from my root canal infection is gone. Thank you.”

Kondie W., Auckland

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