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Why use Zeolite?

Globally, industry and traffic emit 12 – 13 tonnes of (petro-) chemicals into the air every day. This is an average daily amount of 2kg for every person inhabiting our planet. These toxic particles are usually inhaled in small portions and accumulate in the body over time, particularly within those living in cities or near industrial areas.

More and more people express their concerns about chemtrails in the sky and possibly connected illnesses caused by exposure and inhalation of aerosols containing aluminium and barium.[1]

In addition to air contamination, today our daily food and water is often loaded with noxious substances ranging from chemicals such as pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides to antibiotics and other pharmaceutical residues. Even municipal drinking water usually still contains pharmaceutical residues, traces of hormonal medications (such as oral contraceptives), heavy metals, pesticides etc. Furthermore, municipal water is often chlorinated and in some countries also fluoridated (in New Zealand for example). On top of this chemical mix, many people suffer from mercury and other heavy metals leaching out their tooth fillings – often without knowing that all this can be the cause of their ailments.

The Body's Capability to Cleanse and Detoxify Itself Is Limited

Particularly with a high and frequent exposure to toxins the body’s cleansing mechanisms can be insufficient to maintain good health and optimal body functions.

Additionally to toxins and chemicals many people are exposed to noise pollution, electromagnetic pollution or electric smog, economic pressures and emotional stress.

Environmental Pollution Ultimately Results in Health Pollution

Such unhealthy influences build up over time and can lead to oxidative stress with accumulating free radicals and various dysfunctions in the body.

Furthermore, aggregating toxins can block cell receptors in the body and inhibit mineral intake.[2] This often results in an aggravating mineral imbalance that can lead to various dysfunctions and ailments in the body, such as

·        Backache

·        Headaches

·        Cramps

·        Nervous tension

·        Sleeplessness

·        Restlessness

·        Food cravings

·        Hormonal imbalances

·        High acid level

·        Low energy level

·        Feeling exhausted

·        Circulatory disorders

·        Heart palpitations

·        Irritability

·        Weak immune system / Immunodeficiency


Powerful and Unique Detoxifier

The positive results from using Zeolite (Clinoptilolite) as a detoxifier and dietary supplement have been described in various studies and by thousands of users. Zeolite is a natural substance that is listed on the ‚U.S. Government's list of GRAS‘ (Generally Regarded As Safe), and functions as a powerful and unique detoxifier.

It has been shown that Zeolite strongly binds Heavy Metals such as Lead, Cadmium, Mercury and Nickel.[3] These metals have no beneficial biological function, and indeed are highly toxic to humans and most other mammals. Mercury can accumulate in the body from leaching tooth fillings, can be emitted by light bulbs, is found in air pollution and acid rain, is used as preservatives in vaccinations and medications and even foods like fish can be loaded with high Mercury levels. The list of possible symptoms resulting from Mercury or Metal Poisoning is long:

·        Anxiety

·        Depression, Melancholy, Fatigue, Lack of Motivation

·        Memory and Concentration Issues

·        Irritability

·        Restlessness

·        Indecisiveness, ‚Foggy Brain‘

·        Headache

·        Skin Problems, Profuse Sweating, Fungal Infections

·        Dry, Thin Hair

·        Digestive Problems, Loss of Appetite

·        Chronic Yeast or Candida Albicans Infection

·        Increasing Sensitivities (Light, Chemicals, Foods etc.)

·        Asthma

·        Recurrent Respiratory Infections

·        Imbalanced Thyroid Function

Antifungal Properties

Candida Albicans is a systemic fungal infection and latest studies discuss the interdependency between fungi and heavy metals in the body.[4] According to the research around 80% of people who suffer from symptoms of Candida show elevated Mercury levels in their intestinal tract; it is suggested that the growth of the fungus may even be the body‘s immune response to Mercury poisoning because the fungi connect with the heavy metal therefore providing a safe storage.

Regardless of what came first, the heavy metal poisoning or the fungal infection, by evacuating Mercury, Zeolite can help to alleviate Candida Albicans infections. Cleansing the gut from heavy metals improves the environment in the body. A healthier milieu is an unsuitable breeding ground for fungal growth.

Further, several published studies have demonstrated that Zeolite (Clinoptilolite) binds a range of myco-toxins (toxins from fungi), benefiting not only the health of animals that have been fed Zeolite.[5] Acting as an antimycotica, Zeolite is also used in preparations for humans to help with fungal infections.[6]

Antiviral Properties

Zeolite incorporates viral particles and therefore reduces viral proliferation. In a study about ‚Antiviral Properties of Clinoptilolite‘ it has been suggested that local application of Zeolite (Clinoptilolite) can help against herpes virus infections and the internal use against adenovirus or enterovirus.[7]

Enterex is an anti-diarrheic medicine, studied by a team of Cuban researchers and doctors, containing Zeolite as the active ingredient.[8]

Zeolite has been used for water purification in household and commercial filter systems for decades and – amongst other benefits – reduces the viral and chemical contamination in drinking water.

Protection After Exposure To Nuclear Toxins

Being such a potent detoxifier, Zeolite has even been used in Chernobyl and Fukushima for its ability to bind radioactive elements. It was emplyed to plaster the damaged reactor to shield off nuclear radiation, and in Japan it was strewn into the Pacific to reduce the spread of Caesium, Strontium and other lethal radioelements and it found use to treat people after exposure to radiation.

It may be of support to relieve toxic reactions towards x-ray or atmospheric radiation after exposure during a flight.

Nature’s Rejuvenator

Zeolite also functions as an antioxidant, by reducing free radicals, binding and evacuating them from the body. This detoxification of the organism results in an improved state of health and prevents premature ageing.

There is also evidence that a dietary intake of Clinoptilolite supports the immune system[9] as it aids to restore a healthy intestinal flora, whose beneficial bacteria form around 2/3 of the immune system; may balance the body’s pH levels and improve nutrient absorption. It assists in re-mineralisation of the body after freeing the cell’s receptors from toxins, resulting in an increased vitamin and mineral absorption.[10]

72 Elements: Goodness From The Oceans

Zeolite contains the minerals and trace elements that sea water is made of, and depending on the area even additional elements adding up to almost the entire periodic table.

The predominant element is Silica, as found in many clays, fertile soils, the earth’s crust and crystals like quartz, amethyst and many other gemstones.

Clinoptilolite provides the body with colloidal Silica which is beneficial to form the body fluids (blood, lymphe, tears, saliva, urine), improves the structure and stability of bones, teeth, blood vessels, skin, hair and nails.

NZeolite’s compounds Silica, Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium, for example, are positively charged ions, also called cations. Zeolite‘s detoxifying and molecular-sieving properties derive from its ability to exchange cations for toxins. Minerals and trace elements are attracted into the body in exchange of another cation such as positively charged toxins like lead, mercury, ammonium, nickel or cadmium. These heavy metals are adsorbed (or bound) by the Zeolite. While Silica and other cations contained in the Clinoptilolite’s complex are exchanged, the negatively charged ions of the powder remain stable and are eliminated with the bound toxins. 

Electrostatic Attraction

The electrostatically attracted toxins are irreversibly trapped in the cage-like cluster of Zeolite and then carried safely out of the body through normal digestion. These toxins, along with the remaining Zeolite, are eliminated from the body within 5 to 7 hours. There is no digestion of the actual Clinoptilolite, only the released cations can be ingested into the mucosa (mucous membrane) of the intestinal tract.

In addition, Zeolites can affect the healthy bacterial flora and the resorption of bacterial products, vitamins and oligoelements/trace elements.

No Nano Particles

The particle size of the Zeolite used for our NZeolite range varies between 70-130 micron or micrometer; one micron being one-millionth of a metreor one-thousandth of a millimetre.

That means the particles of our NZeolite are larger than nano particles. Since NZeolite does not contain any nano particles and is non-soluble, it does not enter the bloodstream, but is eliminated together with the trapped toxins through the bowel.

Craters Everywhere

The size of NZeolite’s powder grains is matched to optimally support bowel cleansing and waste elimination processes. The NZeolite crystals are micronised down to a size in which its crater-like edges fit into the intestinal craters of the bowels’ folds which average at 150 micron.

NZeolite is Selected Quality Zeolite

Only Zeolites in their purest form should be used for human consumption, since natural Zeolite can occur nearby unfavourable minerals.

NZeolite is a selected quality product and every care is taken to provide a clean, quality powder that aids your good health.

After mining, milling and crushing, the Zeolite is dried to a remaining moisture content of less than 5%, preventing it from inhabiting mould spores.

NZeolite, Nature’s Most Potent Mineral Detoxifier

Zeolite or Clinoptilolite in its powdered form and without nano-particles is neither digested nor absorbed into the bloodstream. The Zeolite itself plus the captured toxins are eliminated by bowel movement. Cations such as Silica, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium, Iron are exchanged for noxious chemicals (inhaled or ingested), poisonous heavy metals, free radicals (e.g. formed by stress), bacterial or viral particles, myco-toxins (from fungi), radiation (X-ray, cosmic radiation) and nuclear radioelements.

So why not use Zeolite?



[2]Prof. Dr. med. habil. Karl Hecht, Berlin

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[9]  Pavelic et al, 2001

[10]Prof. Dr. Hecht, K. and Hecht-Savoley, E.: Siliziummineralien und Gesundheit  [Silica Minerals and Health]. Baunach: Spurbuch Verlag, 2008.


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