why use zeolite

“After nine days of a badly infected wisdom tooth and every natural remedy I could think of, a friend suggested I try clay.

We were travelling and of course I could not find any but happened to find a sample of NZeolite in my bag which had been there all along. I was desperate with the pain so I packed it round my tooth before bed and was absolutely stunned to find I woke up for the first time in 10 days with no pain at all, and a large amount of the infection has disappeared! After one more night there was no more infection. I won’t be travelling without Zeolite again!”

Rebecca S., Titirangi


Customer Testimonials

“Your Zeolite does amazing things for me, it works on my gums which are much healthier and the pain from my root canal infection is gone. Thank you.”

Kondie W., Auckland

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Recommended Naturopath

For more information on detoxing and our Zeolite products we suggest you visit the Tina Pritchard website.

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