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Zeolite is the name given to crystallised volcanic ash which came into being thousands of years ago when volcanoes erupted their magma onto lakes or oceans. A fusion of volcanic lava and alkaline water resulted in the formation of many different kinds of Zeolite crystals.

Today Zeolite is found in basalt cavities in volcanic areas around the world. It is sourced for industrial and medical use in the USA, Turkey, Slovakia, Jordan,  Japan, South Korea, China and other countries.

Zeolite – The Whole Story

By Tom Simpson

In the middle of 2016, Mike Adams – a well known blogger known as “The Health Ranger” published an article about his scientific tests on zeolite and its potential contamination with heavy metals. He usually goes after Big Pharma and exposes many issues.

His article on Zeolites caused much consternation, but unfortunately he got it wrong on several points. In case you hadn’t read it, he decried the use of zeolites as a valuable detoxing supplement, saying they contained aluminium and lead, and you should only take his newly invented caesium capturing product.

Periodically a scare erupts from people reading this blog and being concerned. This is our response giving the true view from an ethical supplier and its people.

Not The Whole Truth

Many who were scared by his claims might be denied the very great benefits that have accrued to a large number over the years.

What about Aluminium?

Mike claimed that Zeolite is full of aluminium, which is released in the body, when taken.

Not true.

What happens is that the minerals in zeolite include alumina (an oxide of aluminium), which is bound with silica. This bond is unassailable in the body and so aluminium is never free – it is locked away in a harmless compound.

In Mike’s test he subjected zeolite to concentrated nitric acid which dissolved the bonds and freed the aluminium.

Ah Ha, said Mike, Toxic aluminium is free in the body.

What he didn’t realise is that

  • Zeolite can withstand extremely high temperatures
  • It is not dissolved in the body by stomach or gastric acids
  • It is not water soluble or fat soluble.

So Mike got the chemistry wrong, and he didn’t say what type of Zeolite he tested.

What about Lead?

Lead can accumulate in the body over time, displacing calcium from the bones and causing chronic mental confusion. Mostly, it comes from the paints used on old houses that contained white lead oxide or old lead plumbing.

These were used until the 1950’s. Continual washing by the weather sluiced lead into the soil especially gardens around houses. We have several such customers who are now detoxifying.

Lets go back a step.

Zeolite occurs when molten lava hits seawater. It holds many minerals, good & bad. What it contains depends on the local minerals around. Zeolite is a peculiar crystal that has many points to it, each of which hold different minerals. The unwanted ones can be removed. There are several sub-types of zeolite – most have agricultural uses, only one known as Clinoptilolite is suitable for human ingestion.

What about heavy metals in Zeolites?

The Health Ranger claimed that raw zeolite, mined and packaged for sale has high concentrations of aluminium and lead. This is true for some suppliers. Superior (food grade) zeolite must come from a very pure site (in our case the mountains of Southern Turkey). It must be tested, scrubbed and purified – an expensive and prolonged process to remove the unwanted heavy metal products.

(In our case this happens at a large zeolite processor in Germany), and it must be tested at every stage for compliance with heavy metal removal requirements and EU standards.

So Mike is right. You shouldn’t buy RAW powdered zeolite.

That’s like buying a sponge that is already full of water. It won’t absorb any more water, and is no use to you. So beware of small online sellers offering cheap zeolites.

Not all companies purify their Zeolite this way – just the ethical ones!

So, What happens in the body?

When zeolite is ingested, either by capsules or by being mixed with water and swallowed, it passes through the stomach untouched and into the small intestine, where it coats the villi (the small hairlike protuberances that assimilate food products). Zeolite particles carry a negative charge and attract oppositely charged particles, according to their order in the Electro Chemical Series.

This is how Zeolite attracts heavy metals, toxins, parasites and the like to it. It binds them to the open points of the crystal and they get eliminated in the faeces or urine. Thus the body is detoxified.

Zeolite does not enter the bloodstream.

What about us at NZeolite Ltd

Read more About Us, examine the FAQ’s, read our detox dietary guidelines, and finally, browse through our products and their uses.

We are supplying quality detox products (based on zeolite and Bentonite) to New Zealand, Australia, South East Asia and USA.

We welcome your enquiry

The name Zeolite derives from the two Greek words zeein and lithos meaning 'boiling stones'. It was first coined by Swedish scientist and mineralogist Axel Fredrick von Cronstedt in 1756. The chemical name for Zeolite is Calcium- Potassium- Sodium- Aluminosilicate.

Zeolite consists predominantly of Silica along with 71 other elements, particularly minerals and trace elements. The Zeolite family includes diverse species, with Clinoptilolite as one of the most widely used and researched Zeolites.

Since Zeolite is a naturally occurring mineral, its composition varies to a certain degree, depending on location and other factors. The Zeolite we use in our NZeolite range (known as Clinoptilolite) is sourced in Turkey and later selected for its specific beneficial composition.  It is further processed or 'activated' to enhance its detox ability in the body.

The Clinoptilolite Zeolites are a group of minerals with a four-sided honeycomb structure that gives them a high internal surface area. This structure, the cage-like crystal cluster and the big surface provide for Zeolite‘s extraordinary ability to bind, trap and remove chemicals, pesticides, mycotoxins (mould), VOC’s (volatile organic compounds, organic chemicals that have a high vapour pressure), radioactive toxins and free radicals. It is therefore widely used to filter and sanitize water and becomes more and more popular in detoxification of the body.

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