what is zeolite

Since Zeolite is a naturally occurring mineral, its composition varies to a certain degree, depending on location and other factors. The Zeolite we use in our NZeolite range (known as Clinoptilolite) is sourced in Turkey and later selected for its specific beneficial composition.  It is further processed or 'activated' to enhance its detox ability in the body.

It contains 88-95% Clinoptilolite (Aluminosilicate), 3-5% Feldspar (Tectosilicates; e.g. Labradorite), 2-5% Montmorillonite (Phyllosilicate, e.g. Bentonite clay), up to 2% Cristobalite (Polymorph of Silica) and up to 3% Muscovite (Phyllosilicatemineral).

Our Zeolite powder has no smell and looks ivory white. It stirs well into water but does not dissolve.

Its pH level ranges from 7.0-8.0 which makes it alkaline and similar to the healthy blood pH level of 7.34–7.45. Therefore it is suggested that Zeolite can assist in balancing a healthy acid-base homeostasis in the body.

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Customer Testimonials

“My wife and I started the next day, at the recommended dosage....We are both in our eighties, and, kept the dosage up for twenty days.

I'm sure we both felt an improvement in our wellbeing, personally, I feel more 'lively'.”

Neil S., North Shore

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Recommended Naturopath

For more information on detoxing and our Zeolite products we suggest you visit the Tina Pritchard website.

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