what is zeolite

The Clinoptilolite Zeolites are a group of minerals with a four-sided honeycomb structure that gives them a high internal surface area. This structure, the cage-like crystal cluster and the big surface provide for Zeolite‘s extraordinary ability to bind, trap and remove chemicals, pesticides, mycotoxins (mould), VOC’s (volatile organic compounds, organic chemicals that have a high vapour pressure), radioactive toxins and free radicals. It is therefore widely used to filter and sanitize water and becomes more and more popular in detoxification of the body.

What makes Zeolite so unusual is that it is negatively charged, which is very rare among minerals. The effect of its structure and its magnetic charge is that Zeolite attracts positively charged ions, which can be heavy metals such as mercury, cadmium, lead, arsenic, aluminum, tin, nickel, excess iron, and even radioactive metals like caesium and strontium; and can exchange them for colloidal sillica for example by applied physical forces, by van-der-Waals-interaction.

Additionally Zeolite binds toxins and gases – it adsorbs up to 30% of its dry weight in gases like formaldehyde, nitrogen, ammonia and carbon dioxide. Zeolites are also able to absorb over 70% of their own weight of water and up to 90% of certain hydrocarbons (petroleum, propane, gasoline etc.).

These characteristics make Zeolite nature’s most potent mineral detoxification aid, which can be vital in times of toxic overload. There is increasing research on the importance of a healthy intestinal tract as a foundation for optimal body functions.[1] NZeolite can be very supportive to start your body cleanse and support inner healing ability.

[1]‚Health Begins in the Colon‘ by Dr. Edward F. Group III is only one of the numerous books on that topic

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“Regarding to the Zeolite, as I said I am feeling much, much, better lately…”

Diego L., Auckland

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