Nzeolite ClinoMont Optima 240g

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Information about Nzeolite ClinoMont Optima 240g

Liver & Bowel Cleanse & Support

Activated Clinoptilolite/Zeolite & Montmorillonite/Bentonite plus optimum herbal detox support

ClinoMont Optima is a mineral and herbal blend of powerfully cleansing Zeolite, soothing Bentonite, liver protecting Milk Thistle and bowel-sweeping Psyllium Husks.

  • Promotes regular detoxification and support of liver and digestion organs
  • Assists with elimination of metabolic waste substances, impurities, toxins and free radicals
  • Helps to maintain normal cholesterol levels
  • Nourishes the intestinal flora (friendly bacteria)
  • Supports healthy immunity
  • Provides alkalizing minerals, fibre and bioflavonoids to complement optimum nutrition and support healthy liver and bowel function
  • Suitable for sluggish digestion organs, it stimulates healthy peristalsis of the colon
  • Ingredients: Bentonite clay (BP, pharmaceutical grade), Psyllium husks, Zeolite (food grade), Milk thistle seed powder
  • Vegan, gluten-free, suitable for coeliacs
  • Made in NZ from local and imported ingredients

Serving Suggestion:

Add 1tsp. (4g) to a glass of water up to 3x daily, one hour away from food. Stir and drink immediately. Drink plenty of pure water to improve results.

240g size contains 60 servings of 4g each.

Warning: If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, have a medical condition, or notice unusual effects, consult your health professional and/or discontinue use. Please refer to our Disclaimer.

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