why use zeolite

The particle size of the Zeolite used for our NZeolite range varies between 70-80 micron or micrometer; one micron being one-millionth of a metre or one-thousandth of a millimetre.

That means the particles of our NZeolite are larger than nano particles. Since NZeolite does not contain any nano particles and is non-soluble, it does not enter the bloodstream, but is eliminated together with the trapped toxins through the bowel.

NZeolite’s compounds Silica, Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium, for example, are positively charged ions, also called cations. Zeolite‘s detoxifying and molecular-sieving properties derive from its ability to exchange cations for toxins. Minerals and trace elements are attracted into the body in exchange of another cation such as positively charged toxins like lead, mercury, ammonium, nickel or cadmium. These heavy metals are adsorbed (or bound) by the Zeolite. While Silica and other cations contained in the Clinoptilolite’s complex are exchanged, the negatively charged ions of the powder remain stable and are eliminated with the bound toxins. 

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“Wow, I lost 5kg in a few weeks and the only difference I made was taking Zeolite powder!

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For more information on detoxing and our Zeolite products we suggest you visit the Tina Pritchard website.

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